It seems that every time I pick a note, my pick hits the string, stops (stopping the sound of the note that was just played) then pushes on through the string. It's like it isn't just a single flowing motion. But in my hand, it feels like it is. I'm not purposely stopping the motion, I'm not even realizing that it's happening. Any info on how to stop this? I've been trying to use a Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm pick lately (purple). Could it be that the pick is bending when hitting the string? Maybe my thumb puts the pick at like a 75 degree angle without me knowing right before I pick?
Pick: / or \

Can't seem to figure this one out.
If it was me, I would analyze my picking technique in front of a mirror. I find that this is really helpful, as it provides a different perspective than you get from simply looking down at your hand. If you are holding your pick at a funny angle, a mirror can help you spot the problem.

I might also try a thicker pick. For me, a thin one like you are using is not ideal for heavy picking. I really like 3.0mm picks with pretty much zero flex.
That's a somewhat thick pick you're using actually. A 3.0mm pick is ridiculous. I'd try a more conventional, thinner pick around .73mm or .88mm, they will give you a lot more flex & smoothness across the strings as you pick and therefore less likely to stop in mid-motion.
Your pick size is mostly irrelevant, 1.14mm is a pretty standard size of pick to be honest.

I'd suspect you have too much tension in your right hand when you pick, as when I used to suddenly "freeze" on the strings when picking it was due to excess tension. As for picking angle, generally having it at about 30 degrees or so gives an easy stroke while retaining clarity, i.e.:

String ----------------------------
Pick parallel to the string at -
The pick would be angled 30 degrees in this direction \

Watch this, you might find it helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpJNUGHxC3M