Solid effort man. Tough song when you first learn it, one of my favorites to play.
First thing I note is that POD farm tone could use some more mids. not much, but a smidge of mid and verb would do wonders. (try soldano hot rod no presence and the wishbook mixed with a jump lead. play around with that setting) (my two year old cover isn't much better but I'm speaking as of now) Then another thing is that with more mids, less treble you learn to really attack the guitar which is the main thing i think you lack. but hey, keep working and soon you'll realize hey this parkway stuff is pretty simple, bring on the guthrie govan! (PS TRY TO DUMP THOSE EMG"S ASAP WHILE PEOPLE WILL STILL BUY THEM OFF OF YOU)
Pretty good man. That's one of my favourite Parkway songs.

My biggest criticism would be that you really need to work on your general phrasing and lead technique. I learnt this song close to a year ago now and it's definitely not an easy one. I can tell you sort of struggled to get the intro to sound right. The bit that if i remember correctly is something like..


Then it's played higher up on the neck. I think you know what i mean haha. It's really clear those stretches were a bit of the pain in the ass for you and you weren't completely consistent at always having your fingers in that just right spot that you need them to be in riffs like that.

The tapping you definitely need to slow down and work on getting cleaner.

As for the solo you can tell it's just a bit too difficult for you at this current moment. The bends were off pitch and everything needed a bit of tightening up.

All in all i think it was a really solid cover. Mad props for covering one of their more difficult songs. Some more practice and in time you'll have it down.

If you get the chance let me know what you think of my Parkway cover i just put up!
It's always good to get feedback from other fans of Parkway

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Very good man! i like your cover and this is a really challenging song !!! as it requires a lot of techiniques like the very fast downpicking... Try to find a better distortion tone, and find the right notes for the song and when you play it you should make the downpicking stronger so it sounds cleaner! but you are good try to improve the things i told you...;-) Cheers!

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