Hey everyone

Here's an instrumental I just finished, I'm not asking for any specific feedback - but would you mind giving it a listen and letting me know if you enjoyed it or not?

I'm happy to critique/listen to anything in return

Thanks all!

(Ed - Just realized I forgot to add the link )

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This song was absolutely amazing man! I LOVE the composition of the whole thing, its literally amazing to me how well this is composed. It flows so well, and changes feeling, and yet the music and melody stays there throughout. I love it. The recording itself is amazing quality, all the tones are great, how did u record this? Just an absolutely amazing job overall, I really enjoyed the song! If u make enough stuff like this, ur going to go very far in music.

C4C? (haha mine was made in about an hour around a drum beat i heard in my head, so its not NEARLY as good as yours haha)

Mixing is nearly flawless to my ears. The composition is also really good, but I must say that these sort of 11 minute prog. songs aren't my piece of cake, with some rare exeptions. Especially without vocals it's hard to make it interesting. Really digged the drumming! Usually I'd crit the mixing a lot, where it could be improved and so on, as that's what I like hearing - the flaws and how to actually improve. This time there just are no to my ears. Sure pros could name a few, but the level on this one is higher than I could reach atm.


All crits appreciated!
First off, just as fc89konkari stated above, the mixing was fantastic! Sounded very professional for the most part. Drums especially, I would kill for that quality in my compositions! If they're programmed I'd REALLY like to know what you used Some leads maybe were a bit low in volume, especially on the parts with heavy chugging.

As for the song, I was very drawn in by the first part until about 1:50. Groovy drumming (sweeeeet fill-in at 0:12!) and a cool arpeggio, really nice and a little chilling. I was a little less delighted with everything after that part and up until 7:45. I've never been a fan of Meshugga which was what came to mind in many sections. Lots of low, odd time guitar chugging layered with intensive leads, it's not really what I like the most. I do like Porcupine Tree, which this was reminiscent of in many parts, but I feel that if they had made this song they'd cut down on the number of chugging sections a bit and kept maybe one or two of them. The parts which contained slightly more melodic riffs and leads such as from 3:50 to 4:40 I liked a bit more.

Then, after 7:45 and up till the end, I felt the song made a return to the goodness the first part possessed. Overall a very impressive piece! I'm now following you on SC

C4C? Also an instrumental, a little less progressive compared to yours. I hope you'll find it enjoyable
Awesomeo: I recorded this in Cockos (teehee) REAPER; for the guitars I used a combination of LePou plugins and custom cabinet impulses (these), they come HIGHLY recommended from me if you're looking to record silently in your home - absolutely amazing stuff :|

My guitar is a Schecter Blackjack sls C-1 with active Duncans, and it just ROARS with these plugins, amazing stuff.

Splitvision: Thanks so much for the kind words The drums are fully programmed, I use Addictive Drums with the metal kit add on. The sounds you hear come from my own custom preset for AD, I've been working on it years - literally - but I'd be happy to share the preset if ever you get your hands on a copy of AD, seriously amazing program.

Thank you so much to everyone for the excellent feedback, I've worked for so many years on developing my home recording technique, its really great to know that it sounds good not only to me, but to you as well