ive been playing bass for a year now and within this past year i have realized that les claypool is one of my heros. heard Primus was doing a new tour for "green naugahyde" and had to get tickets. after weeks of begging my fiance to get us tickets, he finally got em. Last night i seen the show at The Taft Theatre in Cincinnati. BEST SEATS EVER! 3 row back, dead center. i could see every pop and slap that was played on the bass. my mind = blown!! god what i would do to just be able to hold one of those bass guitars. Anyways, whats your view on Primus, or Les Claypool (the master himself)?? I want input from fellow bass players!

OH, and the show was in 3D. talk about badass! if u get a chance to see them on this tour, you must. you WILL regret not going.
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Primus Sucks

Primus sucks so much.
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How did the 3D effects work and what were they?
Asking from pure interest.

Oh, and Primus sucks.
there was a big projector in the back with all these trippy 3D images playing on it through out the show. it was pretty awesome. although i was too busy watching les's hands than the screen. :P
Dude I was right behind you! B row, seats 5 and six! Twas an epic show, I expected no less. I picked up bass six years ago after stumbling across a Primus music video. Les Claypool has and always will be my reason for playing. You werent the chick in the peacock costume were you by chance?
I love Primus. I just saw Les Claypool and the Duo De Twang at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival for free and they really killed it. Last time I saw actually Primus though was Ozzfest 99. They killed it back then too.

Primus Sucks!

Never listened to them really.

One of Cliff Burton's Pall Bearers heard me play at a Music Store after I told him I played Bass, and he liked to have dropped a nut hearing me dig in on the strings.

His response was, "Why didn't you tell me you could play!?" then proceeded to announce it to everyone at work

I did not need Mr. Claypool to inspire my snap. But I hear he does fun stuff.
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I have been to pretty much every Primus / Claypool concert in Bay Area for the last 6 -7 years unless circumstances get in the way. The NYE shows are great and yes, I have tickets again for this year. Les always puts on a great show and the crowds in the Bay Area just add to the fun. I actually drove in March to Lake Tahoe (about a 6 hour drive) once to see the first Oddity Tour.

Now who wants to go to D's Diner?

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lol no, i was the chick right next to you. :3

Oh... Sorry dear XD
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Oh... Sorry dear XD

its okay, baby. that was too funny lol i didnt even know that was you. :P
i saw them when they rolled through my town, really great show. especially on shrooms
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Claypool certainly brought something new to the Bass world.

I think it is awesome someone can have Claypool as an inspiration and a hero but remember, you want to develop your own sound and style. That is what makes a great bassist, is there originality.
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Claypool took his inspiration from Chris Squire, Geddy Lee and Larry Graham, and then made his sound his own, but you can still hear the influence in his music. As a bass players, none of us is every going to be truly original, we all take bits and pieces and make it our own sound.
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Claypool took his inspiration from Chris Squire, Geddy Lee and Larry Graham, and then made his sound his own, but you can still hear the influence in his music. As a bass players, none of us is every going to be truly original, we all take bits and pieces and make it our own sound.

after Following Entwistle and Lee, then dropping the Instrument for 7 years, and picking it up for 2 years again, driving to my sisters Wedding I heard the then New Rush Release 'Far Cry' and was stunned to hear my tone.

It was still there, coming out of me even after being away for so long.

A few years later I asked a drummer I worked with, who loved me like a brother, who I sounded like to him, because I am kind of organic, don't spend money I don't have listening to everything, just kind of doing my thing.

He said Trujillo, but better.

Funny. Everyone has their own impressions I suppose.

Maybe was all just hear what we want to hear, and leave the rest.
I've been lucky enough to see every Primus UK performance since the reunion and REALLY lucky enough to have once met Les on the streets of Amsterdam whilst attending a festival there where he played 3 sets!
I also put together a reasonable BPOTM article on him a couple of years ago that I believe is still kickin' around in the archives!!

He is definitely my favourite bass player and a massive inspiration!!
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Even les claypool says primus sucks XD primus is an amazing live act that I've never been lucky eniought to see in person. I saw them on my woodstock 94 movie,and they were amazing. they made that crowd go nuts more than anyone else,even metallica. go figure.
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dude, you have no clue until you actually get to ssee them lol they had the crowd waaaay into it, even though a lot of the people in the audience were like in their 40s haha it was just awesome to see all these Primus fans of all ages together jammin out to some badass music.
I've seen his solo band and Primus live. In fact when Primus played London (for the first time in many many years) I was so desperate to go that I spent my rent money on flights and ended up being evicted from my gaff and having to live with my parents again for about 6 months.

Funnily enough I'm just back from London again, seeing my other favourite band Blitzkid on their last ever tour. I probably won't get evicted this time but I definitely spent too much money.

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Even les claypool says primus sucks

Not since like 2002 though.
I saw Primus on this tour in Pittsburgh, was one of the best shows I've seen.

People looked at us funny for chanting "Primus sucks" though which was kind of a bummer. Someone literally said to me, "you don't really think they suck do you?"
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