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So I got my Ibanez RGA8 today. I love the guitar but I've known for a while the pickups are pretty terrible. I'm looking at replacing them with EMG808s but I was wondering if I could maybe just put a single EMG808 in the bridge rather than having to buy 2?

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If you wanted just the one pickup, you can do that easily enough. Just follow the wiring diagram. If you wanted one EMG and a stock pickup... you'll probably have problems. EMGs run on 9v batteries (18v if you want) and I think the stock pickups in the RGA8 run on a lower voltage. You might need to look into that if you wanted to mix them. (New EMGs also have a quick-connect system which doesn't require soldering, whereas I think the stock RGA8 pickups do...)

Other than that, I'd say look at the X series pickups, too. Listen to some sound samples, and see if you can hear the difference and which one you prefer more. You might prefer the normal EMGs. Personally, I swapped out my 808s for 808Xs.
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