Hey guys,

I'm looking for a new amp that I can take with me for sessions and small gigs.
I searched for it and found a an guitar-amp by Laney "Cub10".


The first impression is good but my problem is that I never heard about the company. Maybe I missed something? Do you have experience with the company and its products?
I don't want to by something that is not worth it, of course.

I looked for it on the internet and found a video-special about the brand on a German website. The text is in German but the videos luckily in English. It was interesting but they don't talk about the bad things, of course.


So if you have some experience with the amp or the company in general, I would be glad if you can share it with me.
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Laney have been around for a long time. Top quality manufacturer and quality amps. Have owned 2 different ones by Laney in the past and both were great. Haven't had experience with the one you want though.
I've owned the Cub8, and if the 10 is anything like it, stay away. It sounded like shit.

Laney makes some great amps, and usually high quality.

They do not, however, give out schematics, and their PCB layouts are rather confusing.
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Laney are good. I have a VC30 and it is very nice. And loud - I never use it as I'm not in a band, wish I had the opportunity to crank it up.
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i like laney. haven't tried the cubs, though.
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If you want a cub try the Cub 12R! I'm dying to get that amp... SOUNDS AMAZING, specially for the price!

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I've got a Laney cub 15 (the head and cab) and it sounds really good for the price. You get a nice british tone. From what I've experienced the amp is pretty versatile.