what was your gradual progress as a beginner life?

i've had an electric guitar for a couple of years now but never really took the time to learn, just fukking around and learned a few riffs here and there but nothing serious or significant...

recently i've really decided i wanna take this seriously, i'm tired of playing along to songs via air guitar...

any advice? suggestions? i'm learning through justin on youtube i'm sure you all know of him..

to make it worse, i have a fukked up ring finger on my fretting hand. that finger basically has very thin flesh on the tip has a pointy tip as supposed to the regular butted finger tips you all have... so not only is it painful to play with that finger, it's even tougher to play a note without touching the lower string... fml

but i really wanna learn so i'll have to figure it out somehow..
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I went from learning Green Day songbooks which taught me power chords and importantly chord changes, then a few Black Sabbath riffs. Bluesy rock then became a love of mine and I started playing along with that. Now I can play at a kinda intermediate level, do a few metal soloing and fast stuff. Just practice lots.

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Try Mahalo on youtube, they also explain positions of your fingers at a chord very well
Personnaly I learnt to play the guitar with a really bad guitar of which the string action was high as hell - about 7mm. It was hard to play but I have to admit it helped me strengthen my fingers a lot. Plus I worked with the metronome, and always tried to push back my limits. For instance the first song I learnt to play was Scream Aim Fire, by Bullet for my Valentine!
That is the best way to learn I think: always aim for songs that are a bit difficult and do not give up on them. Hence your technique will improve faster. (plus Scream Aim Fire is not that hard to play...)
Then I studied music theory on my own a lot and tried to develop my listening skills. They are far more important than people think...

Oh! And there is a exercise I used to do when I learnt the very basis: fret a note with whatever finger you want to use, then make the fretted string and its higher and lower strings ring. (ex: fret A, make A, E and D ring.) Do this with all your fingers. Then try out some chords! you could learn 4 chords by Axis of Awesome very easily: D, A, Bm, G. o/
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Well... I didn't exactly gradually progress... I went from playing GreenDay and Metallica, in my 2nd year I just... got bored and created my own stuff. In my 3rd year I wanted a more... technical style. That's when I found Andy Mckee. In the 3 years since then I have kind of plateaued in my skills on guitar but aside from songs like Drifting and Ocean... there's no song that really challenges me anymore.
I've been playing for just coming upto 2 years I found jamming with others really helped me and learning simple cover songs by bands I liked, also over the last year I've been learning Scales to improve my soloing but soloing is a very slow process for me it seems
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Bought a Crap Rogue Bass at a pawn shop, flipped it around to left handed. Learned a few songs to help a buddies band out at their practices. Spilled a gallon of chicken wing sauce all over the bass on the way to a party one day. It didnt play right after that. Made the choice to buy a Ibanez GIO left handed 4 string at GC for 200 and learned some more songs. While helping them I got better at playing and realized that some of what I was doing would be easier with a 5 string. Traded the Ibanez for a Schecter Omen Extreme 5 string. Now i find myself playing bass, running the P.A and plotting equipment upgrades.

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At that point, when I was tired of playing song bits over and over again, I started learning and more importantly, APPLYING music theory to the guitar.

I started learning my own way around the guitar and it opened up my playing in the sense that, I started knowing where to "go" much easier and naturally, and started analyzing note by note what I was playing to make sense of it.

It's a really long process but that's how it starts, with baby steps and knowing what you want to achieve.
dude, i've broken my fingers countless times. 25% of my left thumb was blown off(lenghtwise, not off the top.. including most of my thumb knuckle). learning to work around that was a bit tricky at first but not all that hard. you can work around your funky fingy. i'm not great or even ok...just mediocre. but its only been a year and a half, i'll get better. lead guitar will never be my forte' but oh well.
i find it easier to work with my acoustic guitars and then over to electric. with practice and concentration i'm pretty passable on a lot of Clapton and SRV type stuff. i've even got most of A7X's 'bat country" solos down. if i can do it, it shouldn't be that difficult for you to spend some time and work on something you really want to do.
much easier for me to work on songs that speak to me. i can't play songs that i dont feel.