Drunken Folk Metal TrollfesT (Why has no one heard of them before?)




My favorite songs by the band. Anyways, I cant find tabs on the site so I'm assuming not many people have heard of them. They are pretty popular among the metal scene in my town (Eugene, OR) because we love to get smashed and play music. Kind of fitting for the culture.

They are from Norway I believe, anyone reading should take a listen and tell me why you like or dont like them.

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people have heard of them, they're just bad.

They are awesome, no one understands :/
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what's to understand? it's gimmicky carnival music with blastbeats.

2deep4u bro.

Yeah I know them well. I have seen them live twice and will definitely see them more. They're a cool crowd and after their performance they usually come drink with the fans and such. They are definitely a band with a sense of humour and joy. I think that's what describes them best.

I like the songs Essenfest, Karve, Trinkentroll, Brak and Helvetes Hunde GARM especially.
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