Hi guys,

I've been using Ultimate Guitar Tools (Android version) for a while and personally I found it amazing and flawless!

Few days ago I decided to purchase Ultimate Guitar Tabs also and again it's a beauty!

But, there is an in-app option to purchase Ultimate Guitar Tools from within the Ultimate Guitar Tabs and it shows that I do not have it and it gives me the option to buy it?

What is more interesting is when I select the option to buy it even in Google Play it brings me directly to the payment link...

Don't you think that it's a bit weird that I should/could pay twice for the same thing?

It should be fixed and there should be an option to jump between the purchased apps.

Thanks for your time and regards!
Thank you for your fast response, was going to post yesterday but the f#%&$g connection was down.
I've just purchased Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Chords through Google Play on laptop -- wouldn't let me pay from phone)
I keep getting a message" Checking License of Application Error contacting licensing server.
Any advice