i been playing about 2 month now & i started to notice the high e string is over-powering the other strings sound. So i looked it up and they said i should adjust the pickup but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I want to adjust the saddle but it seem to risky without knowing if they're others method to fixed this prob. So anyone could help me out, i really am grateful . the sound has been diving me crazy .

I'm using epi special 2 and 10' gauge string.
I'm not really sure how you would adjust the saddle on a tune-o-matic bridge....

If your pickups don't have adjustable pole pieces, and you can't get the tone you want from adjusting them, then maybe you need better pickups? Check out GFS pickups for some great budget pickups.

Also, mess with the EQ on you amp and see if that helps.
Could be that the action for that string is somehow too low. If so... raise it.
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lower the treble side of the pickup / raise the bass side of the pickup

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thx..i will try to do all of it, except the replacement for pickup. aint got the money. i will let you guys know later on
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thx..i will try to do all of it, except the replacement for pickup. aint got the money. i will let you guys know later on

GFS's range from 20-40$ in comparison to higher up brands in the 70-130$s
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Please don't change the pickups on that guitar. It will never be worth it.

Try turning down the treble on your amp and rolling down your tone knob. If that, along with adjusting your pickup height, doesn't work, you should bring it to a tech.

Also, what do you hope to achieve by adjusting the saddle?
Nah, i cant nvr change the pickup if i wanted too. the price will be triple went it's sold at my country. the saddle part 'cause somebody said if adjusting the pickup wont work i could try to increase the saddle height instead.

I did give a tries on the raising with action, it doesn't change much but maybe i need it adjust with something else like mattrusso said. but if it still don't work i would just ask somebody to help.

maybe it's the newbie ear in me

& i don't think i have an EQ on my amp.
i find when i hold the guitar flatter my high e is not so noisy

when you are new you want to have the whole guitar on a huge angle so you can see everything

if you are strumming straight and your guitar is on an angle you will hit the high e very hard, meaning loud, because it is sitting highest at that angle

makes sense i hope and good luck