I try.
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Yeah, it's an average song from their new album, 'Dos!' but I decided to cover it only for that cool little bass solo in the bridge! Arguably some of Mike Dirnt's best work in years.


Please let me know how I've done!
And yeah, please don't hesitate to leave a link of your own
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Nice Barcelona sticker. This sounds so smooth - good to hear a Dirnt bassline with a bit of creativity again and you play it well.
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I'm subbed to you on Youtube so I saw this when you posted it. You got a really nice punchy bass tone going there, and your playing is spot on! Really enjoyed watching that

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I think that was absolutely great.. Now when the song is over I can still hear those tones of your bassguitar in my head.. Imma listen it again once I finish writing this comment..
Anyway, you are doing really great job, and it's easy to see you enjoy it a lot, and that's what's important, too.. Rock on!

And yeah, please don't hesitate to leave a link of your own

As you wish.. Here is our cover of song "Merry Christmas" by Gotthard, would be great if you'd leave a comment there.. Thanks..