I am in need of a new acoustic guitar. I have only ever bought classical guitars before and am unexperienced in acoustic. Im looking for a full size, six string acoustic, and i need to know good brands to buy from. I need to know reliable brands that have models in the $100-$300 price range. Also, I would prefer a darker colored guitar (black, navy, purple, grey, silver) Thanks for any and all suggestions!
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yamaha fg700 - $200 and available in natural and a fairly dark burst
yamaha fg720 - $279 and available in dark blue burst, black, natural and another burst
yamaha fg730 - $300 and available in a bitchen tobacco sunburst, natural and another burst.

they all have solid tops, which is a good thing for tone, and are good quality, too.

if you can live without a dark color, recording king makes some sweet solid top guitars with some of that traditional martin tone, a little bassier than the yamahas.


000, 14 frets to the body

000 size, 12 frets to the body
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