I just recently got the new Fender Mustang Floor, and also finally took the time to learn how to use Garageband on my mac. I just did a quick recording with the MF and a Gravity jam track. It isnt perfect or great by any means. But it demonstrates how good (in my opinion) that the Mustang Floor sounds. Plus it gave me a chance to fiddle with Garageband. Hopefully yall enjoy it.


Also please feel free to leave links for you music, I always love checking out new stuff!
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I love the mustang. That guitar is on my wishlist yes :P I think you played it pretty good too! Your bends could be a bit better, some are little out of tune now. But I really like the slow groove.


Thanks for listening. Yea I know the playing isnt great, It was just a second take. Pretty much just to test out what ive learned on Garageband and to try out the Mustang Floor for recording. (My first go at it with the unit)

Ill totally check out your stuff after work tonight, my computer here at the office doesnt allow for audio.