So a few years ago i broke the tip of my right thumb. Since then, the nail has grown in flat and thin. So in order to play classical guitar, i've had to use an acrylic nail. But since acrylic nails have curvature and my nail is flat I have to scrunch up some tissue paper and glue it to my nail to create a surface for the fake to grab onto. This works ok, but it never stays on for more than a week. Does anyone have a better solution for me?
i was also going to suggest a thumb pick. and btw, thumb picks tend to be very different as you move from brand to brand. i hated all of them till i finally found the right one for me, and it's not bad.
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Don't get a thumb pick. I'm assuming you play classical if you're worried about your nails, and a thumb pick will not suffice.

Currently I just use the superglue and tissue paper trick and don't bother with fake nails at all. I have the same problem, though. After about a week it cracks and falls off, unless I'm particularly vigilant and I spend a bit of every day re-gluing and filing.