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This is the perfect thread for Americans, as for you it´s the most boring sport that´s well known in any way.
In Europe, especially in England, there are some punk tunes about football.

My favourite one is this:
Cockney Rejects - I´m forever blowing bubbles

It´s the song of West Ham United a Premier League Club from London that never wins anything and therefore chose this traditional.

I also told you about Brighton & Hove Albion and Attila the Stockbroker. But he also wrote songs about football in general and against Chelsea, such as Abramovich´s Donkey Sanctuary.

West Ham seems to be the Oi-Club in England, as also **** Sparrer are known as their supporters.

Sham 69´s name comes from the football club Hersham 69.

As German Punk is usually not you cup of tea, just this song about St. Pauli by Slime
Slime - Mittendrin

The Business made some songs about the english nationale team. The two songs I know are about Matches against Germany:
England 5 - Germany 1
Easy to guess, this one´s about a historical victory when Michael Owen striked thrice against Germany.
Gareth Southgate was an english defender who misplayed a the crucial penalty against Germany in the Euro 96.

Your task in this thread is gimme more or discuss whatever you want or name any other nice sports tunes from punks.
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Man City have pretty much adopted every anthemic Oasis song there is too haha :P
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Well Wisher came up with a game where you take band names and relate them with footballers. The best one was Zinadine Zindananananaykroyd.
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Only a Brit (or Mitt Romney) would call it "sport."
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not all 'sport' is awful



Oh holy shit.

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it would be cool if it was just getting dizzy and running into each other. if there are rules and balls to kick around it's a lot lamer.
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i miss your forum presence, you should make more fake-hipster-punk songs.
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i miss your forum presence, you should make more fake-hipster-punk songs.

I think we're doing the Moose and his Knuckles album a week on Friday, because in the evening me and Stefan Danger are going to see Thee Vicars last ever gig. Their guitarist apparently committed suicide.