This is supposed to be tracks 3 and 4 of a concept album we are working on......was supposed to be a single uber logn song, but we decided to split it to make it easier to digest.

Attached files "Acoustic Creepy" is meant to be III, and "Part IV" is, well, meant to be IV.

Background- The concept is that of a king who loses his kingdom through his greed, and how he atones for his sins.

I've posted parts I and II before, but in case you haven't come across them, here's a little background to make it easier to get the context of the track.

I- A prologue, dark, but fast and aggressive, first half is death metal/metal core-y, middle is much softer, with an acoustic/synth part, ends in a fast Amon Amarth style trem picking section. Very minor sounding, resolves to A#.

II- Talks about the beginning of the kigns reign. Best described as melodic thrash. Fast, mildly upbeat, aggressive, but not as dark as previous track. Key is C. Has a very NWOBHM sounding solo. Last note of solo rings out, and transitions into a slightly ABR ish breakdown with a trem picked harmonized lead over it, is a variation of one of the leads during the first verse of Part I. Change of key during breakdown, resolves back to A#.

III- This one's about the king's fall from grace. Meant to be mostly acoustic, a bit along the lines of Dream Theater's "The Ministry of Lost Souls" or Porcupine Tree's "Trains". Supposed to be very dark and creepy.

IV- This is about his exile, and introspection on his part. Still slow, but heavy and groovy. First section is supposed to be particularly dark, later sections sad and dreamy. Thinking of using the minor scale and using Lydian ish influence to add dreaminess.

V- This is about how he atones for what he did. Will have a huge buildup, lots of fast instrumental sections. Will hark back to all 4 previous tracks.

I've attached MIDI files since GP6 effs up conversion like hell.

Link me to what you want listened

NOTE: One note that sounds like it's being muted on Part IV should actually ring out.
And the clean playing on III should completely ring out.
Part IV.mid
Acoustic Creepy.mid
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