Did you have trouble getting used to it when you first got it?

I know its a fantastic pedal, but I'm having trouble "clicking" with it. I'm using it as 2 singles (beater slot on both sides)
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Nah, I loved mine when I first got them but then I noticed that the foot plate was a little small for my feet. The same with the Iron Cobra. Those were my only problems with the pedals hence why I use a Speed Cobra and Pearl Eliminator now.
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Have you played double bass before? Every pedal has a different feel to it so it's just a matter of getting used to it. It may be a great pedal, but it might not be the right pedal for you.
I had a Gibraltar Avenger 6611.

After playing around with the DW I finally understand it. It is a very unforgiving pedal. Because the action is a lot faster, it punishes imperfection. Does that make sense?

I'm finally starting to get the feel of it down. I need to adapt to it.
RIP Tom Searle.
I love my DW5000 - though it also took me some time to get use to it. I just played around with the settings until I found what was comfortable.
I didn't care for the action, i thought it was too stiff. It's an incredibly well built pedal though.
The one time I played one I thought it was a great piece of kit, it makes sense needing to adapt because of the different ways high end pedals are designed.
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