Hello dear UG.

I have been playing the guitar for around 4-5 years now and i feel that im getting better and better. One problem i have is that i have never learned any solo, i learn the song and when the solo comes i stop to learn any further. Now i feel that i really want to learn to play them.

Since i play only metal, in Drop C i would like some suggestions on songs with solos in them. I listen to bands like Children of Bodom but i belive that their solos are a little bit to hard.

So do you know any songs? If so, please tell me.

Best Regards Fouks.
Don't stick to metal only: it's influenced by a lot of genres and the best thing to do is to open your mind to other styles. Anyway: in Drop C, there's the solo of 'These Fighting Words' by Devildriver. It's quite easy to learn and play! ^^