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Can't seem to get a straight answer on this question so here it goes...

i recently bought a peavey 5150 EVH block letter freakin' old is that damn thing???

can someone give me a rough estimate on the year(s) the EVH block letter 5150's were manufactured?
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Well I googled it, and searched some other forums so this is probably wrong.. But whatever. Free bump.

Probably Before 94. Some guy said he had a 5150 Sig, and it was a 93 and that Block heads were pre 93 but they started making them in 92. So It may be a first generation 92. Though like I said. This is the internet. For all I know it could be an '04.
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the block letters were made in late '92.
"The Peavey 5150 is an all-tube guitar amplifier made by Peavey Electronics from 1992 on, initially as a signature model for Edward Van Halen"

i got one myself (bought it in '04) and i am VERY happy with it.
i modified it a bit though, replaced all of the tubes and built in another power cable, so i'm able to unplug the cable. also the effects loop needed some adjustment...

but i can assure you that this amp is built like a tank, i still use mine in my live-rig and it is absolutly reliable
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