i stood beyond the arc of reverence
that had formed around your muzzle,
and your eyes were sorry boy
pinched nearly to silence,
black dots over an altar cloth
of ‘its been so long’ and ‘finally’

past the velvet ropes our faces tightened
each time he kissed your mouth,
all we could do to hold the love
that filled the seattle courthouse
with a deep and hearty hymn,
that swam into you and you were crying,
and we were crying
when the flower petals fell from the ceiling
to the beat of church bells
familiar but unrelenting

one day we all are born again
and again into some darkness,
but the joy that filled our spirits
when you stepped over the threshold
and your hands adorned with wedding bands
our voices erupted celebration,
the darkness receded for a moment
and we all were born again
overwhelmed by love of God’s creation
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