I might be trading a guitar I bought for a Marshall Class 5.

Basically from what I have read it is a pretty crap amp stock. But, with some basic mods, It can sound pretty good.

i have some soldering experience, but not a whole lot. How hard is it to solder a PCB board like the class 5 has?

Also, I have no multi meter. Am I going to kill myself? I know caps can hold charge. Would rubber gloves help?

If it sounds good enough, I may not change anything. But I figured I would ask on here, as if the trade goes through, I would of spent $100 bucks on it total.
You can't polish a turd. If an amp sounds shit to begin with, it will always sound shit.

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^ Even if you could, it's still a turd.

Although a Multimeter is a sound investment, I'd get one before getting the amp. Or maybe once you get it. But get one.

What guitar are you trading?
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I like the Class 5 it is a good Plexi-ish type amp.

Try it first, but you can get $250+ for it if you just wanted to sell it.
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