So, long story short i'm looking for a distortion pedal to put in front of my Laney Cub12.

I'm looking to achieve a tone that would be suitable for Soundgarden, Opeth (the Heritage album not very high gain tone) and some Rise Against maybe. Not extremely high gain-monster tone. Just enough to do the job. I'd like to be able to roll back on the volume and clean it up a bit or use it for a light or mild drive sound too. I know the Cub12 isn't exactly a hard rock amp, but it does have a great clean tone and if i could match that on the gain side, i would be very happy.

I've actually done a lot of research on the matter and i've come between two pedals, the ZVex Vextron Distotron and the Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion (CB version). I'll be buying for the ProGuitarShop website (reasonable prices, cheap international shipping).

My guitar is a Jackson DKMGT with a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom (SH-11) in the bridge and a '59 (SH-1) in the neck. I'll probably be using the pedal with my Marshall Haze 40 too, but its primary use is gonna be with the Laney.

So, any opinions?
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I love both manufacturers, but if both pedals will do what you want, I'd go for Mad Prof every time, love their pedals the most!
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Honestly, particularly with dirt pedals - Go to a store and try them out yourself.

Demos online give you the basic gist of the device, but with your playing/amp/guitar, you may find that some pedals just work better for you - and some don't.

If I'm buying a dirt pedal, I always go and try them out... I've always ended up coming home with something I didn't expect that I'd like (Wampler Ecstasy has been a main-stay on my board for over 2 years now, and I never would have even considered it had I not tried it.)

I ended up buying a devi-ever GZ because the demos sounded great - I ordered it online, and ended up getting rid of it... because it just wasn't for me.
well that would be ideal, but unfortunately guitar stores in my country only have boss pedals or mxr-dunlop-way huge pedals and frankly i've tried boss and that didnt really work out for me... as for the mxr or way huge stuff, its expensive (here anyway) and i havent heard anything too exciting from them so u guess im stuck with online demos...
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