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Really good stuff man! Reminds me of Dream Theater! Check out my band Tidal Reach if you get the chance man!

Thanks, will do!

Yeah, DT is one clear influence on this, also with bands like Scar Symmetry and a bit Ayreon.
Awesome stuff dude. Production is a little rough around the edges but the songs are solid. Brings to mind Kalisia. Do you have a download link?
Thank you, appreciated.

I think I had allowed downloads from my soundcloud page. I'll have to check that at home, can't access soundcloud from the computer at work.


Actually from soundcloud you have to download each track seperately. Annoyingly they are in a reverse order too, as I uploaded them from 1 to 8.

I could put this in WAV or other lossless medium in my Dropbox, along with cover-art.
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Yeah man that would be sick. What bands would you list as influences?

Allright, I've got the whole thing in FLAC uploaded.


If I'd have to list some bands affecting this album, maybe something like:

-Dream Theater
-In Flames
-Scar Symmetry

edit: added a download link in the the first post
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Ah thanks dude, downloading it now. Have you come across this album before?

Actually no, I'll have to check it out when I have time.