I am planning to change to a different guitar but Im having a hard choice of choosing which one to go for. i play Fingerstyle

I hope to get everyones opinions on these two type of guitars with pro's and con's and sound quality.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oJjQShv65U / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK-ohD_EEWE

Which one would give me that type of sound? im not expecting for 100% but as close as i can get.

Her guitar is a Taylor Custom GC

Thank You
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i don't actually like the 4 series - the ovangkol doesn't work for me, and it doesn't sound as warm as those two videos. to be fair, the first one on my speakers sounds like the bass was added by proximity or in the mix.

i'd say a gc8 or gs8 would come the closest. if you can afford a new gc4, maybe you can afford a used gc8 or gs8, which would have more oompgh.
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I assume you own a GC8? if so how is it like? sound,texture,projecting..etc..etc..etc

btw is slotted headstock harder to re-string?

it sounds really nice, is it more warmer then gc4's/ga4 yet still have that brightness??
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Don't forget, the recording setup will also have an impact on those guitars. I could take any of my acoustics and record the same song two times and each recording would sound different. I strongly recommend that you try to play some guitars similar to these at your local guitar store. Let your ears be the judge after they've heard the real thing unplugged.
I understand what your saying steven, Since its a video there could be edits or pre-amps or whatsoever thing behind the video to change the sound. I just want suggestions and advice from everyone so i would have an idea of which guitar i should try to find the type of sound i show earlier as a example.
I own a GA4. I really like the shape and balance of the GA shape. It has great focus yet enough high end and clarity.

The ovangkol works for me. It provides enough omph and bass for the guitar imo.