Hello there, I got the BHM wiring kit from Guitarfetish, and I think I've hooked it all up right but for some reason, whenever I turn either the neck or bridge pickup off the whole thing goes off. Any reason why that would be?

Here's the diagram they gave along with what each position does and also some bad pictures of what I've done:

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The wiring looks fine, though it's hard to see clearly in that pic. The only thing I can think of that bad switches. Try wiggling the switches around and see if that does anything.
GO back through and melt the solder at each solder joint. It could be a bad connection.
if all your pickup switches are off, it acts as a kill switch. is that your problem?
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Well, the switches either short through the pickup or wire them in series. It's a similar wiring setup to most old teiscos. So all that can be wrong is that the neck and bridge switches are not making a connection. Do you have a multimeter? If so, when any of the pickup on/off switches are off the middle two lugs of the switch should have continuity together.
Ok I'll try the multimeter, thanks!

To clarify, the switch for the middle pickup works, in that it turns off the middle pickup but leaves the neck and bridge on. However if I turn the neck or bridge pickup off, everything goes off. So instead of having just neck and middle, or middle and bridge, I have nothing.
Update: I've checked the on/off switches for continuity in the off position. I get continuity between each point in the chain that sends the signal to ground, but not directly between the two points that should be connected by the switch. So before example the switch for the bridge pickup, I get cont between the black wire and one of the points with the short jumper (directly below it) then I get cont between that and the one next to it, and then between that and the one above it (with the jumper to the next switch. YET no connection between the black wire and the point with the jumper to the next switch on it. Should I redo my connections?
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I'd redo them, checking with the multimeter as you go. Sometimes it's easier and quicker to start over than trying to troubleshoot completed wiring.
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Glad to hear it! What wattage soldering iron did you use? I never have bad solder joints since I started to use a 50 watt.