I tried using my strat copy's hex key (~2mm or so) inside my acoustic. I had a look to find this and noticed that the truss seemed at an angle.

Does that gap look normal between the rod and wood, and is the hole meant to be more straight for the hex key? I'm not how how it's meant to look. I hope I haven't done anything damaging.

i just checked 3 guitars and 2 were like that...i wouldn't be too concerned unless the thing won't turn or something
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man that's fine

just means the holes been drilled slightly out

nothing to worry about
The gap doesn't worry me, but the hole looks rounded out. Does the key fit into it snugly? If it's at all sloppy, don't use it. Get the right size.
Yeah I quickly tested with my electric's hex key. Made sure I didn't turn hard or long, it was completely loose and barely felt any contact in there.

Is the rounding enough to cause worry? And what size hex key should I get?
You'll need to get a set and fit each until you land on the correct one. You may want to think about taking it to a reputable tech to have a look at it also. There may be more going on inside the neck than meets the eye.