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When you write on a electric guitar do you do it unplugged or in a amp?
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Plugged in... the dynamics and thump of an amp are required.
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The title of this thread combined with your username made it look like you were laughing halfway through a sentence. That is the only reason I clicked on this thread.
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I play 90% of the time unplugged, even 4 watt amps are too much for my parents.
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Unplugged. But I'm not the best guitarist, so I don't really know what I'm doing.
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I was going say something like this but I couldn't quite phrase it the way I wanted to so I was like fvck it.

You couldn't figure out 'I use a pen'?
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Both, but if I'm writing a song by myself, I tab it out while writing it.
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I would write on a guitar but it would depreciate the value.

Of wood based writing mediums I much prefer paper.
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Quote by Reisgar42
You couldn't figure out 'I use a pen'?

"I use a pen" was not a very clever way to make the joke though. :*
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I don't write in any specific way. I could come up with something while I'm just practicing, jamming with my bandmates, or (for example) playing on a friend's crappy acoustic. Lol.

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I've never written on a guitar before. Sharpie would probably be best though.


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When you write on a electric guitar do you do it unplugged or in a amp?
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I tend to use a notebook instead, it's much easier to carry around.
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Most of the time i write unplugged, partly because when i write, i can't be bothered to go grab a lead and all that, it sounds lazy, but when i write, i just want to get down to it. Also, if it sounds good completely unplugged, chances are it will sound better amplified, whereas composing with shit loads of distortion or something kind of limits what sounds good.

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Quote by JackalUK
Depends on what pen I'm using.

I use my acoustic when I write, and transfer to electric later.

Mostly 'cause when I'm at home, I prefer playing my acoustic.

The only times I write with my electric is at rehearsals, so I'd say plugged. but it's pretty rare.
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i make music on computers

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It depends. The best stuff I write when I have no intention to write, so it can happen any time I'm holding a guitar. Should it be plugged in, unplugged, or wherever. Sometimes I'll come up with stuff in my head spontaneously.
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i beg to differ.

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EDIT: I actually come up with most of it in my head, and then play it out plugged in when I get the chance. I'm not sure how this method has worked for so long, but it has.
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