So I know it might seem weird to compare a dread to a grand auditorium, but for some reason (and a decision that included my rather twisted mind), those are the two contenders I've narrowed my search down to. lol

I play mostly fingerstyle with bare fingers/nails, and I'm used to the dreadnought size so it itself would not be a problem. I'm also aware of the price difference between the two and that the Cort's got a solid back and lam. sides while the Walden has lam. back & sides.

What I'm asking you guys about are build quality and tone. Would the Cort be too "boomy" for fingerstyle and harder to capture a balanced sound with a mic? Does the solid back really matter? Does Walden make a better quality guitar in general? Thanks!
of the corts and waldens i've played, i prefer the sound of the waldens - but the waldens have a 1 11/16" nut, and i find that too tight for fingerstyle. i don't see a problem playing a dread for fingerstyle - i've played fingestyle on a lot of dreads, and owned a seagull original s6 for a while as my main guitar.

have you played these guitars in person or are you comparing them by specs?
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Thank you Patti! Yes, I have tried both, that's why I find it a bit tough to decide. The Cort seemed to have slightly more bass and an overal fuller sound, and the Walden had this "crispy" thing going on to it, but the low E string didn't have the same fullness. I guess that's the size and maybe the top wood difference. Both were very responsive to my rather light touch though.