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First some background:
I'm a classical guitar student at university. So, music is something that I'm pretty familiar with. Besides being a guitarist, I've always been fascinated with the percussion world. I've had some lessons in the past. (Just a little bit.)

My question:
I'm not really sure what I should be doing/practicing to improve. (Other than find a teacher. Which I'm currently looking for. Small town woes! ) I got some books: Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone, Progressive steps to Syncopation for the modern drummer by Ted Reed , and Drum Studies Concepts, reading, phrasing, and technique by Dave Vose.

What else should I be working on? What online resources are there?

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It is required by law to own a copy of Jojo Mayer's Secret Weapons For The Modern Drummer DVD if you have any aspirations to become a drummer.
It contains pretty much everything you'll want to know about hand technique and more.
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Take your Ipod and play along. Great technique is awesome, but doesn't have a point in itself. Just play!
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go on youtube and begin researching "gospel chops", you may or may not like the style but there is a mountain of knowledge about groove in that style
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Yeah as others have said, just plug in your iPod, put some headphones on, and play along. I do a Guns N Roses set daily on drums just to keep me fast and sharp, on top of just teaching myself new techniques from books or whatever. If i could afford it, id get a drum teacher, but if not just play. Seriously just play. Experiment with different beats, work on rhythms, fills etc you hear in songs, work them up from a slow pace (40-50bpm) if you find them real difficult, and keep gradually increasing the speed til you can play it much quicker.
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Practicing to songs is pretty fun, But I would also recommend practicing snare drum rudiments.... in particular: single strokes, double strokes, flams, single paradiddles, and "buzz" strokes. Practice leading with both your left hand and your right hand.

Also (and this is completely optional), I would strongly recommend playing open handed, it will help strengthen your weak side and improve your coordination.