Instrumental version is the first song on my profile - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Betaciao/

and yes i c4c. If you have any advice, like it, or hate it, let me know. The solo was my first take so it could have been better, but I always upload my first takes just because the idea is the purest.

I'll upload the version with the lyrics and melody later this weekend.

Thanks a lot!
haha thanks. yeah its all a first take earlier today. I use ug just to get composition reviews really, tones and whatnot are all subject to change. My main goal is to know I have a good song before I get to work on the technicalities.

I like that you dig the bass haha. I thought it was the worst thing I recorded as I simply recorded my guitar through 2 octave pedals and then into an v-amp in ableton live all because i didn't have a bass on hand.
Wow really? great job on that overall its pretty hard to pitch shift a guitar sometimes for bass cause if you played 2 strings it would mess up the sound haha.
hey dude by the way, what kind of guitar tone where you thinking I should use. I'm re-recording now and would like to try some different things out.