Hey man, thanks for your comment!

I like the production of your track, it's crispy and clear. Though there's one thing I'd change - I think the kick needs to be turned up just a little bit. Everything else is beautiful. I like the guitar tones, was this by any chance Axe FX? Man, your recordings sound good! Keep that music coming, buddy.
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It's actually an eleven rack. Goes right into protools. You can get some amazing tones with it. Best 800 bucks I ever spent especially since it comes with protools.
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The mix is really clean, are the drums all programmed or did you track a drummer? The only thing that suck out to me was how processed the snare tone comes off, I might ease up on the compression and round out some of those high middle tones to try and give it some more body, or just a tiny tiny touch of reverb, not too much though.

Guitars sound great, as do vocals.

And I think the over all recording could come up in volume slightly provided you're not on the verge of clipping, really awesome all around.
Your music sounds really tight bro. Really tight. I would add some more sub bass to the kick to give it some more power, and during the chorus, i really was thinking you were going to extend those vocal harmonies longer behind the lead. I think that would make it shine, but it's already a great composition, sincerely.

Check out my demo, it's not too long. let me know what you think track to track
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I don't like the kit sound at all, it sounds very fake and too roomy, it dominates the mix yet still sounds a bit mushy and distant. The stock Avatar kit needs a ton of work to sit in a mix well, I think.

Vocal production and guitars - awesome. Nice work. I'm trying to work out who the vocals remind me of, possibly Kotzen.

If you've got the stems around (including MIDI for the drums) I'd love to do a remix, free of charge.
Awesome dude! Sounds like something I'd make haha! There's some really sick licks in there, really funky! The vocals are really nice and suit the song very nicely. The guitar coming out the left at about 0:50 has some really cool ideas going on. Infact yeah, I like what you're doing with the panned guitars. They're both doing the same kind of thing, but it's different in each one heh.

I really enjoyed that!

Care to check out my EP? It's a bit like your stuff (Far Away Friend is atleast haha)


Nice work!
Gettin' in kinda late here, most has been covered but here we go!

By :20 I was having fun!

Throughout - great drum/cymbal sounds and mix.

Funky groove - sounds familiar somehow.

Break @ 1:58 was sorely needed and just my style!

The lyrics could be made a little more interesting, but the basic idea is there.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up!

I would appreciate a listen to my drivel -


Keep Rockin'!

Thanks guys! I am at work now but I'll check your stuff when I'm out
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@danceswithsheep, Your soundcloud doesn't look like it's working
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Really nice song, I've got no complain Well it could use some real drums, but I understand lack of them since I also use Superior 2 and have problem to find someone to play with. Other than that guitars, bass and vocals sound really great. Well ok the song could be also a bit longer, but it's not like it's bad this way, I just would like to hear more.

All in all keep up the good work
Dances With SHeep: Listened to your track. Bass is too similar to guitar imo. Guitar tone could be a wee bit less squeegy (if that makes sense) interesting song concept and I think it would make a great soundtrack to a skateboarding scene in a movie lol.

Thanks for checking my stuff out michael.
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I really dig all of your songs. Everything sounds really crisp and pro. My only critique would be on the vocal patterns...may work on the flow and repetition of each different melody. Other than that you have great tones and sounds mate.
Sounds very polished. Nice catchy song. Professional. Not sure of the slow finish on first listen, but was happier second time around. Undecided. For such a funky track, I wonder whether the bass could have been funkier and more varied. Nice work though. I listened on to a few more of your tracks. Excellent. Hill Street Mafia was great. Cheers, Phil