Hello Pit

Since Ug'ers have such great style and class, i would be most grateful if the pit could find me some new shoes. Ive had my previous pair of converse for about 3 years and they are somewhat ruined. Therefore new shoes are in order.

The Requirements:

Must be under 40 Great British Pounds (about 65 dollars)
Must be comfortable
Must look sexy

Also discuss shoes that make you feel good, look good, smell good? ...

Go for it pit...

Ps: Ive search-barred and found no shoes that satisfied me..

adidas AR-D1s, yo.
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Have you considered wellies?
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Calvin Klein Kaleb: $98 on Zappos. I wore these shoes for 2 years and love them so I bought the same thing again a few weeks ago.

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British you say?

Sandals and socks.

Apply to feet in that order.

Put sandals on and then socks..? What?
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How about some Macbeth Emerson?

I think they're about $60 at stores like Journey's.
I don't know if they're comfy, but I doubt they aren't,
and yes, that's a guitar pick on the tongue. If that's not sexy, I don't want to know what is.
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Put sandals on and then socks..? What?

Yeah. Sandals and socks. Break the mould, think outside the box, reinvent the possible.

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Thank you very much for the suggestions, i already have my socks and sandals but its always nice to have options for when I'm not feeling in a British mood. Any views on these?


I don't particularly like them but if you do you should get them.
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That's it, everybody go home, thread won by [sam].
I got some Vans Half Cabs for £45 recently.
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the original skate shoe nigga. comfy as fuk

[quote="'[sam"]']These and these alone.

So boring.
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How about a pair of Macbeth Elliots? Around your budget, comfy and pretty damn cool
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Haha, owned!
U win fender.

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Women love Chelsea boots, your feet will hate you, but god damn the ladies will love you.

And they can be picked up cheap!