I've been GASing for one of these for quite a while, and I'm now in the process of deciding if I should offload some of my misc. gear and just go for it.

I know that in the end it's a personal thing, and I'll be getting to try one out pretty soon; I've tried other MM guitars and I absolutely love them, but I was just wondering if anyone here has had any experience of the LIII? I'm looking at getting the passive HH version with the fully rosewood neck.

Thanks in advance!
I have a JP6, i have found that MM is a bad ass brand, but now i feel any other guitar low quality. The old lukes are great! and i have tried the new dimarzio humbukers so i guess the LIII have to be awsome!
Hey, thanks for the reply!

The JP6 is also on my GAS list, in competition with the Luke, actually. Could you possibly add anything else about that?

Also, what are the dimarzios like? Can they handle some pretty high gain as well as cleans/crunch? I've only heard good things.

Thanks again.