how would one achieve getting a bass tone like that? would getting a preamp/distortion pedal help me out any? is there a specific type of bass that would give me that tone better than others? i need to buy a new bass guitar anyway so i am open those suggestions as well. my rig currently is a carvin bx500 with a 1x15 cab and a 2x10 cab.

thanks in advance guys!
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I can't even actually hear the bass over the guitar. that tone does not cut through at all and I don't understand why you would want it.

Any distortion pedal with an active bass using the bridge pickup with a pick will get you that tone
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^Agreed. I suppose any old bass with a distortion box would do fine, but I cannot hear any bass "tone" at all in that video.
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I hear it at the very beginning, but once the guitars kick in the bass player might as well go home for a nap.

Any basic bass with bright strings will give you that "tone". Hell I could get it on my old Fender jazz bass with steel strings.
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I hear it through out the song, but it's mostly a very precussive tone. So that's easy, boost mids, cut lows, boost gain (or get a distortion/overdrive pedal), put on new strings, lower the action, bridge picks-ups, humbuckers help. Just muck about, you'll find it quickly n easily.
Its just a bridge humbucker with low action, scooped mids, boosted highs and a bit of grit (almost definitely a Sansamp.)

A budget version of this would be a Sterling Sub and a Hartke VXL.