I'v been toying with the idea of putting together a partscaster strat and one idea I had was to use a lefty neck on a righty body, but I was wondering if that would work? Are the heels symmetrical? I'm guessing I'd need to relocate the string trees if I went this way but ill cross that bridge when I come to it.

Edit: now that I'm thinking about it wouldn't the string tree need to stay in the same location? But the nut would probably need to be replaced with a right handed one for the strings to be the proper height.

Also are there any compatability issues I need to worry about? Such as Pre-1995 necks not fitting on post 1995 bodies or something like that? I know the whole theory behind fender's is that the parts are supposed to be interchangeable but just thought I'd ask.
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The heels are symmetrical so I can't see any immediate problems.
You shouldn't have to relocate the string trees either, they're there to correct the string break angle.
There are no compatibility issues that I'm aware of.

You will however need a new nut.
Haha sorry I didn't refresh the page before I edited it, glad we are of like minds on this though.
Can try yeah, may or may not affect intonation or even add buzzing.

The standard nuts are just crappy plastic ones anyway, so a change would be worth it.
I googled some images of righties with lefty necks, not really feeling that look after all. Thanks for the knowledge anyways guys.