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I love the electric solo that comes in right there. Anyone know of other guitarists that play in that style (smooth jazz-like, but distorted and upbeat, bit of a latin feel)?

I know this is pretty vague and there are hundreds out there, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any good recommendations. Thanks.
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Al di Meola
some Metheny (still life (talking) is pretty awesome latin/rocky, but he's got a nice clean tone going)
Bill Connors, though he got pretty smooth and almost reminds me of the police for some reason
And this guy, who I just happened across when I was looking for the sax player on this album

This is some slick latin/rock/jazz fusion
Donald Byrd - Electric Byrd
Chick Corea/Return to forever
Deodato (check out the AOTM review thread by primusfan)
Paquito D'rivera
George Benson - white rabbit

Will be checking for any other recommendations in this thread, could use some of this
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