I know this is an unlikely pair, but are there any tube amps out there some one could recommend for both doom metal (sleep, electric wizard, torche, om) and surf music (Dick Dale, The Ventures, Man or Astroman). I'm new to all this tone stuff, so if anyone needs more specifics on exactly I'm talking about, let me know.
They aren't as far off as you might think.... Both like 15inch speakers....

What is your budget and where do you live? Gigging?

Lots of the doom bands use fuzz.

What equipment do you have currently?
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See, it's important that people clarify when they say "metal", because I pretty much always assume they are a Cannibal Corpse fanboi.
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I'm going to say 2Kis my limit, I live in South Florida. I have a Strat my brother built when he was in high school, obviously I can't play metal with that, I was thinking of buying another guitar with humbuckler pickups, possibly a les paul of some sort. I have a few boss pedals, but I also have a Zvex fuzz factory. Right now I use a fender champion 30 for an amp, but it seems more like a practice amp.
That a healthy budget. Are you figuring a guitar into this budget?
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See, it's important that people clarify when they say "metal", because I pretty much always assume they are a Cannibal Corpse fanboi.
2K allocated exclusively to the amp, I haven't given much thought to the guitar lol...
Well seeing as how a lot of doom gets that thick, sludgy tone from high gain stacks and sometimes multiple distortion pedals, you're probably better off just getting a combo with excellent built in reverb and a lot of head room. Then you can just supplement the gain with a distortion/overdrive pedal.
Nice mix of music man. I agree with the above poster. I've played a traynor ycv40 and the reverb was beautiful, no tremolo but alot cheaper than 2k. So you could get a pricey with the leftover.
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ooh here we go
I am going to recommend heads (most come in combo form as well) because you may be able to get a better speaker configuration this way with a cab with speakers suited to your genres
with that budget I recommend you get two amps for better tone with each genre
also I hope you're ok with used amps. far more bang for your buck.

for the doom:
Laney AOR - $300 (Matt Pike from Sleep used one)
RedBear Mk60 - $800 (excellent doom amp)
Orange TH30 - $750 (it's an orange with lots of gain )
Orange AD30 - $1000? (again, just an orange in that price range)
there are more but that's a tast. I've tried the AOR, redbear and TH30 and loved them all.

for surf:
Ampeg Reverbrocket - $500 or so
Fender Twin Reverb head - $700? ish
Fender Bandmaster head - $500 ish
really any fender amp head

someone else will know what speakers and such to run you through. a local band I know plays stoner and doom in the style of sleep, electric wizard and loss and uses Orange PPC412s. massive tone. I'd go with one of those and a 2x15 or 1x15 bass cab as well.
your fuzz factory will cover you for a while but if you play a lot of doom you'll want more, esp differently voiced ones.

wait a minute.
do you gig?
you might need another room for all that, which is fairly useless if you don't plan to gig.

so if you aren't gigging, or don't have room, or whatever I recommend an Ampeg Reverbrocket combo and an orange th30 combo. great amps, and will cover what you need quite well.
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Orange TH30 - $750 (it's an orange with lots of gain )
Orange AD30 - $1000? (again, just an orange in that price range)

I found the shape EQ on TH30 quite tricky for dialing in doom tones, unless I use something with a more detailed EQ control in front to push it. It's hands down my favourite amp for thrash tho.

The AD30 should be good.

With his budget he could probably get a Sunn Model T reissue if he's patient enough tho.
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You need something for surf and doom? Look no further than Sunn amps, ideally the older ones. If you could find a vintage Model T, that'd be awesome. The reissue isn't bad, either. But you can't beat an original. Grab a Model T and a nice spring reverb pedal for surf and use the Fuzz Factory for doom.

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I'm assuming you want to be able to do both in one amp?

Look at the Mesa Roadster, and some Rivera amps. Not very familiar with Rivera, but those off the top of my head are some amps with great cleans and great distortion.
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With that budget, why not consider two amps and an A/B
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Late to the party, but for surf, especiallly Dick Dale, get a Fender Dual Showman (no reverb).
I picked up a 1967 Dual Showman off ebay with an original spkr cabinet with two JBL D140F 15's. Paid around $1400. Had a tech rebuild the electronics to 1965 AB165 specs and I replaced the spkrs with Weber Cali ceramic/paper cones. It truly rocks for surf sound. Clean and LOUD. Tech said it tested at least 100W instead of the stock 80W spec.
Add an outboard reverb unit (I have a Fender '65 RI) and you're good to go.
Sunn (ebay has a couple )
Ampeg V4
Fender Dual Showman
Fender Silverface Bassman

+ Spring Reverb + Fuzz such as Black Arts Toneworks Pharoah, Blackout effectors Musket or Blakemore Dues ex Machina

+ Cab

Could easily do for <$2000 in the USA. Is that where you are?
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I would get a fender bandmaster head and cab. Then a boss me 70.

The surf tone you can't really replicate with digital plastic surgery but the metal tone you can really easily so at the very least I would focus on getting the surf tone down pat with the amp then for the metal just get a MFX and turn the gain as high as it'll go.