I bought singorama the other day as I've been wanting to learn to sing for ages but always kept putting it off.

I have no previous singing experience. I plan on practising for at least half hour a day. How long will it be until I can get a decent enough voice to sing live? Not an amazing singer but be able to stay in tune and in the right key.
Not a feckin clue what singorama is, but personally, with 6 months of hard practice I was ready to sing live and could do a good job of it. I had a vocal range of maybe 1 and 4/5s of an octave. Another 6 months and I'm a relatively accomplished singer, I front my own band and my voice has taken on a lot more character shape. I used to sing with an incredibly nasal tone and was dreadful. If I can learn to sing any fecker can.

Half an hour a day isn't much. If you practice half an hour a day for a week that's 3 and a half hours practice. I was doing that in a day and it took me 6 months to be ready. Up it to an hour a day and you'll be good.

Don't make the common mistake of thinking that singing in tune makes you good. One of my mates can sing in tune, yet the stupid accent that comes through in his singing and the lack of any tonal quality in his voice makes him a shite singer.

The first thing that you should be doing is learning how to actually sing properly. Singing from your throat can cause long term damage and may permanently screw up your vocal chords. I'd suggest some breathing exercises before anything else.

Singing in tune is easy. Practice it. Try plucking a note on your guitar and matching the pitch with your voice. A good note to do is open G. Pretty much every bloke alive can hit that note. Practice intervals. Pluck a G, hit it with your voice, then simultaneously raise the pitch of both your voice and guitar by a semitone. This will set you up well for the future.

Try and avoid the bullshit where people think singing quietly somehow makes their tone better. It probably doesn't. Sing loud and quiet. Good singers can do both. Want to sing in a rock band? You're going to need to be able to sing loud especially if you have a hard hitting drummer in the band.

Don't whisper your vocals. Bad bad bad. Sing from your diaphragm. You need to learn how to project your voice.

And have fun with it too, singing is something that is a lot of fun if you're even halfway good at it. Even if you give up singing, pub karaokes are a lot of fun. Get your arse down to one.
Singorama is a singing programme I bought online. It is very good , I think. Very detailed and so far I'm happy with it. Currently I am learning how to warm up my voice and how to breathe properly. I'm also running up and down scales on my guitar, singing along. Also practising my vowel sounds.