I'm going to buy a new acoustic guitar and want some help. Possibly a Sigma DR-41 or the Simon & Patrick Woodland pro spruce. It's around 850$ and I can't decide, any suggestions?
i'd go with the S & P just for the simple fact that if anyone reads the headstock, you can say " why yes... i DID make this".
really ? 850 for those and they're both lam back and sides???
No the s&p is all solid wood. And the sigma is cheaper, so Im thinking that the Sigma DR-45 is better to compare to.
I'd go with the S&P- I have yet to hear any serious complaints about any of the guitars made by any of Godin's several branches, of which S&P is one.
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Personally, I would go for the S&P. If you're going to spend $850, you want the solid wood. As well, S&P is a very reputable brand and I've tried the woodland myself. It's a decent choice.
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