As the title states, I can't write a good song. I mean, I have followed through countless techniques to write a song, and some of them have worked. However, my problem is, when I play them and sing them, I feel a little unattached to my song. I don't necessarily want to write the next big thing; I just want to write something that means something to me and brings out my own true emotion. Just can't put emotion onto paper.
If it matters, I play acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, and violin. And with my voice, I found that folk is my genre.
I dont think anyone finds their perfect song.. You occasionally like something you've wrote but its never THE SONG.

Have you tried writing the lyrics first?
For example (even if this isnt your type of music it is still relevant):

Axl Rose liked a girl and he wrote a poem. The poem went like this..

"She's got a smile it seems to me,
Reminds me of childhood memories,
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky,

Now and then when I see her face,
She takes me away to that special place,
And if I'd stare too long I'd probably break down and cry,

Oh, Sweet child o' mine,
Oh, Sweet love of mine,"

Axl has no song in mind when writing this poem, it was only later on when he heard Slash, Izzy, and Duff jamming a chord/melody progression that he thought to use those lyrics on the song.

Emotions can be portrayed through more than just the words themselves. For example Axl used a lot of metaphors to explain his feelings, it adds a sense of mysticism to the lyrics which you wouldn't really get if he just said "I love this girls blonde hair". There is also the use of phrasing and melody in the vocal line, it's almost a lullaby.

Another key element to great lyric writing is vagueness. Songs arent the easiest of art forms to tell a full blown story. You don't need a beginning middle and end to some romeo and juliet narrative.

Hope that helps
Do you mean lyrics, or the song? Because I find they're two very different things. I don't feel writing lyrics comes naturally to me, but I'm not a singer. Music, on the other hand, is where I specialise.

I think if you just sit down with a guitar with the intention to write music, you will rarely find something brilliant (passable, maybe, but I doubt it will be too great) - some may work well that way, but not me - all my best ideas have come from some random moment of inspiration, usually when a guitar is not nearby (annoyingly), and it just flows. The hard part is working out how to play what I hear in my head!

I also feel it's better to write 'ideas' and get them down (either written music or recorded) rather than try and write only one song and ignore anything else. Some great ideas may work as a different song. Then, often, I'll have a moment where I think of something and it may link two of my other ideas. Then I can refine them, and a song takes place with various sections instead of one good riff to start off, then a load of filler (which might happen if I had one idea then tried to make a whole song straight away from that idea alone).
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