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I'm not sure if any threads have been made concerning this already (I used the search function and didn't come up with what I wanted), so I'll post here.

Are there any good 27 inch scale 6 string guitars out there? I tune to C standard and B standard, currently on my Ibanez XP-300, and no matter which strings I use, it just feels sloppy.

I'm not high on budget, so I won't be considering a Robb Flynn baritone or something like that. I saw the Agile 627 Septor Pro, which looks great, but I couldn't find any place to buy it from.

There are some older ESP LTDs that are Baritons

You'd probably have to look on eBay or Craigslist (or equivalent) to ifnd them though. The Ibanez RGD series is 26.5" scale which is pretty close, and I think a few Schecters are 26.5" as well. There's also the PRS Mike Mushok signature which is 27.7" scale (and very cool looking imo).

For the Agile, you buy it directly from the Rondomusic website.
Just click add to cart at the bottom.
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Find this.
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Also, the PRS Mike Mushok, as mentioned, is amazing.

If you can find one, the Ibanez Mike Mushok is a whopping 28" (seriously.) and has a gorgeous mahogany/purplewood neck.
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Find this.
Play nothing but Amon Amarth

Also, the PRS Mike Mushok, as mentioned, is amazing.

If you can find one, the Ibanez Mike Mushok is a whopping 28" (seriously.) and has a gorgeous mahogany/purplewood neck.

Haha! Awesome. Well, now that I found the place to buy the Agile, I think I'll settle for that. Nice thin neck (even thicker than my Xiphos I think), reverse headstock, and that beautiful tribal red finish, just like my first Laguna. My Laguna was a piece of crap though, had a licensed Floyd Rose, and I didn't know anything about tremolos so I'd constantly switch tunings on it by adjusting the screws.
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The Buckethead Les Pau was 27", but Gibson killed it in 2012. 27" is a pretty rare scale, you really need to look at 26.5" or 28" guitars to find much selection. Agile makes most of the 27" guitars I’ve seen. 26.5" is fine for B if you use baritone string sets.
Ibanez RGD serie (particularly RGD321 and 421) might be exactly what you are looking for. Not exactly Baritones, but extended scale (26.5) none the less, made for downtuning. Serie contains both 6 and 7 string guitars so B standard is not a problem. Should have more comfortable string gauge requirements for Baritone tunings than 25.5 equivalent.


*edit* Also nice nick TS. The Carcass song I am practicing currently.

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Well, I just bought the Agile Septor Pro 627 a couple days ago but it has not arrived yet. I was in the same quandry as you...I always keep at least two electrics, one for standard to D standard tunings and once for C standard and lower. I had two 25.5" scale guitars and would keep 12-52 strings on my dropped tuned guitar and it just wasn't cutting it. I sold my Jackson SLSMG and bought the Agile Sptor Pro 627 EB in Tribal Red after alot of research.

I was delaying buying the Agile because I had not sold my Jackson yet. Well I went to Rondo Music (The only supplier for Agile's) and they were all gone. After several frantic emails with Kurt at Rondo Music I was just out of luck...he said they sold out. I was seriously bummed. Later that evening I checked the site and the 627 Septors were back up so I pounced on it. The moral of this story is to let you know what I found out cooresponding with Kurt...whats left in stock is it on the Septor 627's. He told me they were going to be a custom shop option only from here on out. If your thinking about it don't hesitate!

Some of the suggestions above are good and bad in my opinion. I have done alot of research in this department of baritone guitars. I used to own a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser that was a 26.5" scale and it worked great but I eventually sold it because I prefer 6 string guitars. The Schecter C-1 EX Hellraiser was a great baritone but they quit making it. The only mainstream production baritone 6 string Schecter is making now is the Blackjack SLS at 26.5" scale but I couldn't get past the neck inlay and paint finishes. If that is not an issue with you that guitar will serve you well.

The Ibanez RGD series are decent guitars but my biggest problem with Ibaneze's are the crappy pickups they seem to put into most model (RGD included). By the time you do a pickup swap you would have more into it than buying the Agile.

The Esp LTD MHB400 is a good guitar. I played one in the past and it played well. If you could find one and like it go for it. My understanding between the MHB-400 and MHB-401 is country of manufacture. South Korea on the MHB-400 and Indonesia on the MHB-401. The Schecter C-7 I owned was South Korean and a few ESP I had were as well and the build quality was stellar. I have heard hit or miss on Indonesian made guitars though. I bought a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser in 2010 and still have it to this day. When it arrived I looked at the back of the headstock and went oh crap...Indonesia. I can't dis-credit that guitar one bit though...coming from a person that has bought and sold between 15 and 20 guitars in the past 5 years, I still have that guitar and it plays fantastic! That says something that I still have it!

The Paul Reed Smith I can't comment on...I haven't played one. Paul Reed Smith make great guitars though so it might be worth taking a shot on.

I know I have been long winded in this post but I'm new to Ultimate Guitars site and hope I can help you or anybody else haveing questions regarding the baritone guitars I have palyed or owned. The bottom line came down to what you get for your money and thats why I went with the Agile. The construction, and componets exceeded the competition as far as I'm concerned. I will know more when I get it and will post my comments after doing so! I hope this helps.