If you can afford private education but remain in the state sector cont.

Thought I repost the OP although the debate has moved on a little .
It's going to be hard to avoid this becoming another state v private thread, but what I'm interested in is a slightly different take on that debate. It's not "which is better?" but "if you think state school is better even though you could afford private education, then why is that?"

The question is based on the assumptions that the DC in question is/are reasonably bright (so might benefit academically from academically selective education), that the state school is non-selective (as most people don't have access to grammar schools), and that you hope for your DC to go to a good university (to make the £££££ fees worthwhile!)

I've been mulling this over ever since I heard some maths professor from Cambridge talking on the radio about the age-old private v state inequality of Oxbridge admissions. He was all for improving access for state school applicants but said that the simple fact was that for maths, even the best state schools generally teach only to the A-level syllabus, whereas the best private schools take their maths/further maths A-level candidates well beyond the syllabus and so the state school applicants are at a huge disadvantage - they simply don't have the starting level of knowledge required for the course.

This made me wonder: with this sort of unequal playing field, if you have the choice of private education, what reasons might you have not to take it?

Would be interested to hear from those who've made this choice - how it's working out, or if your DC have finished school now, how did it work out? Did they go to good universities/get good jobs, etc? On the other side of things, if you paid for private schooling but now regret it, why?

My DC go to a state school by the way.

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My secondary school was both the funnest and one of the most ghetto'est, I'm sorry to say, in the borough, fact.
A grant maintained state comprehensive school, it went through physical architectural changes during my time there, I saw it in one given form and the introduction of a whole new wing which among other things included a brand new recording studio for music.
I chose Music as one of my GCSE options, I had to pick a language and my school offered 1, so, that was just done; 'Was French.' (First school secondary, same as my first secondary school except, my secondary school was in another neighbourhood and; had a really different and better vibe to it, for real, there were freaking Skin Heads at my first one, all trying to befriend me and shit and; Some funky ass Scottish kid with; Weird eye lashes looking like he -- takes care of his damn eye lashes and'll kick your ass too. Not my scene, Haling Manor was better. I was at my first secondary school, Ashburton 'Now Oasis Academy.' for like the start of Year 7 before being pulled out/thankfully rescued because something my brother done or, didn't do, like, attendance and my father falling out with the school.
I say was, Haling Manor, it may have only offered French, but, I liked it. Also, the canteens/cafeterias were different, Haling Manor didn't give crisps and coke/brand named junk food sweets to kids with Job Centre parents, Ashburton did but, even back then given my time at Ashburton, even though the state food wasn't going to get me Coca-Cola or Kit Kats, you had to pay cash money for that, I still knew back then Haling Manor, as rough as it was, ****ing rocked, I loved that school because of my time there but alas -- Haling Manor in name and uniform is no more, like my sister's girls only state comprehensive/grant maintained school and another brother of mine's boys only state comprehensive/grant maintained school, all in the same borough (this one). They have been turned into some really cool looking academy, and guess what -- Haling Manor is now the academy's school for Music; and my Music class was one of the first ever music classes to get shown it in September 2001, I believe -- It opened on the start of that school year and that was Year 10, for me.
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My school was fun, looking back, at the time, Hell, but looking back; Fun.
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TL/DR, but if you're talking college, the best private universities cost less than most state schools if your family has an income below $180K. The hard part is getting in because they range from 18:1 to 30:1 acceptance ratios.
My state school is probably better than out private colleges, and my grades were way too shitty for the better ones. So I really had no reason to go private. For high school though, although I went to the 2nd best high school in the state, it still taught at a lower caliber than most private schools, as far as I know. If anything that would be a better investment. I don't know think my situation represents most, though. I live in Connecticut, and they're pretty decent at the education thing. Plus most students come from families with more money than mine, and differing grades (I had a 3.3-3.5 through most of high school, then a 2.5 senior year. It's a miracle I got in here, even with high test scores).
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State school if it's a good one, especially if the choice of private school was boarding. The bullying can be horrendous and I don't think I'd want to be around people who are more likely to take their parents money for granted. For me it would be more of a social decision than educational. I intentionally failed the 11 plus test for grammar school so I could avoid an all female school.

However if there was no good or at least average school in the local area then I would consider looking to private schooling.
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If I ever had enough money I'd put my kids in private education in an instant. They'll turn out as social spackers and I'll probably hate them as they become so, public education was absolutely amazing for me, but feck it it's just better for them financially.
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