"The green eyed orca"--
What time signature is the beginning in?
Is that real drums? If not, that's really good programming!
Maybe it's just my headphones I'm listening on, but the rhythm guitar tones needs more bass end, EQ wise.
Overall, pretty good. The best section to me is from around the 2:45-3:36 mark. Just curious, where did you get that photo from?

As with the first song, I like your lead tone more than your rhythm guitar tone. Or maybe you just need a bass guitar in the mix, at least I can't hear a bass on my headphones, but my headphones aren't that great either.
Again, if that's drum programming, that's really solid.
Overall, I feel his piece could benefit from one more contrasting section I think.

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I have no idea what time signature it is And the drums are programmed. And the photo i just googled: "storm" or something along those lines. Yeah bass guitar would really spice these demos up but i don't have one.