Hey guys. I've been playing guitar for almost 3-4 years now, self taught ( I know I lack musical theory and some basic stuff), and I've finally got the courage to record something and post it online. My friends are saying that it's an okay riff, that I gotta work on it some more and record it properly. Could you please listen to it and give me an honest opinion? Any advice, criticism is welcome. Thanks for your time.

Oh, it's recorded with my phone, because I don't got any recording gear.

OK, you can play a straight forward rhythm part, including the clicky clikkie bits. Sounds OK, in tune and in time, speeds up slightly towards the end but no big deal. Recording is obviously crap quality would be better (and more interesting) perhaps just standing you phone on a table and pointing it at you and the amp from about 6 foot away. Anyway, suggest the next thing to do is to play with other musicians.
I meant to speed up the song slightly towards the end and then lower the tempo a bit, it sounded good to me. The recording is really awful, I'll try and sort it out asap ( as in buying some proper recording gear so I can get an okay sound). Thanks for your time and advice. I appreciate it .