Hey there, hope I'm posting this in the correct thread haha,
I've been playing guitar and singing for a good while now and I'm starting to think about doing a few local gigs in pubs and what not, my main problem is What Songs Do I Play? I'll try anything you throw at me. I am fully open to all opinions and advice I'm currently playing a Semi Acoustic Tanglewood, I have a amp for this and a microphone with a amp also. Any song suggestions would be brilliant, thanks!
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You should play Hallelujah, but use the lyrics that I use. I have a recording on my Soundcloud. Otherwise, I'll tell you what Les Claypool told me: the only thing you really need to know how to play is Scott Joplin. I disagree though. You also need to know Foggy Mountain Breakdown and the aforementioned Hallelujah. If you know those three things though, you are all set for everything. Maybe for good measure you should add Russian Rag, which is loosely based on Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C-sharp minor, Op.3, No.2 and we'll also throw on You Never Even Called Me By My Name, even if just for the final verse.
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Anything famous by well known artists, but nothing overplayed.


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Journey : Don't Stop Believing
John Lennon : Working Class Hero
Eagles : Hotel California
Bryan Adams : Summer Of 69
Guns N' Roses : Sweet Child Of Mine
Eeles : Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
Old Crow Medicine Show : Wagon Wheel
Neil Young : Old Man
Green Day : Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Pixies : Where is My Mind

a few songs i already know how to play, comments ?
Meh, those are all super cliched. There are really a couple of cliched songs that you should ever do. By those artists, the only good cliched song that I can think of that would be alright to do is Neil Young's Keep on Rocking in the Free World. Just because. Wagon Wheel might be okay, but you really need a whole backing band, or at least a banjo and fiddle/mandolin player to accompany you or else there's really no point.
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Yeah i know how to play rocking in the free world! easy enough song. Wagon wheel suits me quite well got a decent enough singing voice, but yeah I have a mate who might play the fiddle with me haha!
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Oh, and play We Will Rock You

EDIT: I changed my mind, play Killer Queen.
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