I have the hardest time with this. How do people learn how to finger-pick? Whenever I do it I can hear the callous of my pointer finger against the string and it drives me crazy, or I just don't know what pattern to do and it's awkward timing.
start off by learning one pattern. practice it slowly enough that you make no mistakes, speed up a little whenever you can do the pattern without thinking about it till you can do it without thinking at full speed. only after that, learn a second pattern. i suggest starting with really simple ones. i found it was easier to learn that way because beside the pattern (like thumb, index, middle, ring, repeat), you're learning finger independence, and learning that makes finger picking MUCH easier!
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"House of the Rising Sun" is an excellent song to learn to fingerpick on. The picking pattern is extremely simple, and you are able to use four fingers (thumb, pointer, middle, and ring) thus developing finger independence, like patticake mentioned. Here is a tab to get you started:

i started with ( is there anybody out there ) by pink floyd easy pattern to learn and a great little tune.