Just got myself a used ISP Decimator g-string & I'm wondering where the best place to place it in my chain.

Is this the best place to put it? Or does it depend where I'm getting the most noise from?

Also, would the ISP not cut out some of the delays from my CC if placed after?

Guitar > Tuner > TS9 > ISP > Preamp > Effects Out > Carbon Copy > ISP G > Effects In
Guitar > Tuner > ISP IN - ISP Send > Dirt Pedals > ISP Return - ISP OUT > Other pedals.

See if ISP has the manual on their web site. It has that diagram in it.
I have mine as wireless reciever into Isp Guitar in, then Guitar out into all effects, then that into decimator in, then decimator out right into my amp. Can't even tell that my amp is on when I'm not playing.
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I suppose you're both using the ISP to reduce pickup noise, then reduce effects noise. I've never had any noise from my effects loop anyway, might be the best option.

Thanks fellas!
Right! Think I've cracked this. If anybody can confirm this is right because the amount of conflicting view online is uncanny.

Guitar > Tuner > ISP In > ISP Send > Overdrive/Distortion/Wah/Whatevz > ISP Return > ISP Out > Amp

It doesn't touch anything in the effects loop. The first input simply recognises the guitar is making a noise & opens the noise gate. The actually part of the chain which cuts the signal is the ISP return/out. Will try it tonight to 100% confirm. #Woot
What amp do you have? With most amps that signal chain you posted would be fine. There are a few ways to have it set up.

If you have a high gain amp that has some preamp hiss to it run it like this:

Guitar - ISP In - ISP Send - Pedals - Amp Input
Amp Effects send - ISP Return - ISP Out - Effects Return

It depends on your amp mostly.

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I've got a Valveking which does have a fair amount of pre-amp hiss. It works better with the return/out in the FX loop. Cheers.