There is a user by the name of Jonagorn:
http : / / profile . ultimate - guitar . com / Jonagorn/

Please give him abuse as he is a dirty smelly **** and talks shit about everyone on here.

Little rat faced **** head.

I want him to die.

Seriously, you signed up for this?
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I Have An Avant Garde Fetish....
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Im in no way an amateur. I masturbate in public all the time.
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I can get an erection just by looking at a plastic cup, or a river.
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Don't worry, rape will always find a back way in
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I think this guy's a multi of Paddynbob?

If so, this'd be a bit of an overreaction
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
and all you can do is just wait by the moon
and bleed if it's what she says you ought to do
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If so, this'd be a bit of an overreaction


I realllllyyy hope it is.

It would be hilarious.