I like it... However I think people connect more with lyrics so it might be worth considering finding a singer.
Don't know why you made a second thread for this, I'll just copy what I said in the first thread.

To be honest, I found it to be quite boring and repetitive, for instrumental tracks at least. The bass should be more subtle. Stage presence is almost absent, seems to me you guys were cold considering what you were wearing, but that's more a reason to move around. The guitar tone I found to be very interesting and attractive.

2ond track is musically more interesting than the first, but still not interesting enough for an instrumental track. The 3rd one is more energetic, which is better for the audience.

Over-all, the music is by no means BAD, I just consider it to be unsuitable for a live scenario because it is too repetitive with little dynamic and variation. Stage presence obviously needs some work, playing-wise, there's always something to improve.
I think you guys have some good ideas, and I like how you occasionally build up and then drop down, but I have to agree with Nero, it feels like without words or a singer the build-ups and drop-downs feel like they serve little or no purpose in repetition. Good musicians though
I suggest a more unified wardrobe - maybe white fur parkas and cross country skis. Was it cold that night?

The mix aint bad for a live show. Is that just the camera mic? Who's girlfriend is taking the pics? I give her high marks!

Nice sound for a three piece...

Kind of a long time between songs, and the tuning break was tedious - frozen stiff I guess!

Really need a singer/front person.

Overall good sound. Keep up the good work!!

If you thaw out, please kick my work in the nuts at


Thanks, and keep on rockin'!

Thanks for constructive critism guys, I really appreciate it. It would be really cool to have a singer in our band, however we don't have much singers at all where I am from, so that really is a drag.

My friend recorded this with his handycam. It was the sound guys of this event who made the mix sound good (other bands were playing before us too).

And yes, it was extremely cold that evening, it was about -15°C (5ºF), so it was a pain in the ass to tune up guitars. My amp's LCD was barely working from the cold. I hope that makes up for our numbness.