Looks like fun, but where is the puke? Where are the groupies?

Good energy and thrashing.

The audio is from hell, but I get it - live gig. Doesn't really hit me as punk, but it is rockin'!

I give it a seven cause you can dance to it!

I can be ridiculed here -


Keep rockin'

Great energy guys. I'm starting to feel like a runaway. Haha. Catchy from the very beginning, although I agree with DWS it doesn't really strike me as punk. Definitely punk influenced. I'd really like to hear some super yelly-grainy vocals at the higher energy part of the song, but I understand if that's not your style :P

Overall the song is well put together, you guys are tight and the vocals are in key the entire time. From a live show standpoint, I would like it more if you literally yelled 1 2 3 4 off the mic (more dramatic). I'd say the singer has the most energy in the whole band, even though he's singing haha. I'd encourage your drummer and bass player to be a little more animated, especially because they're not singing. The music totally calls for it.

On another note, (just an idea, not really a criticism) what if you guys had a dynamically super low volume part as a bridge or something? And then busted crazy into the solo. It might help the song to not be at 11 the whole time.

I enjoyed it guys, good job. If I was from your town I'd come see you.

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